Want To Be A Pro In The Kitchen Like ‘Gordon Ramsey’: Start With Sharp Knives

Being a pro in the kitchen like ‘Gordon Ramsey’ or any other popular chefs all begins with the basics. And what is more basic than having sharp knives in the kitchen?

It is quite obvious enough that a sharp knife is not only better for slicing food, but it is also safer. But what else is there?

Sharp knives make food prep a lot easier and safer
. There are times when we think that food prep can be taxing and tiring. Simply imagine how hard it would be if you are going to do all the chopping with a dull knife. No food prep should be this hard! It should be an enjoyable antecedent to the main event - EATING! So, having a sharp knife is not only easier and safer but much more enjoyable too!You get better food quality with sharp knives. Remember, a dull knife does not make it harder to cut off food but it can damage them as well. A sharp knife is always better, especially when slicing delicate produce such as tomatoes. It will make sure that the food maintains its physical integrity and also stays fresh longer. If you think about it, you may end up having crushed tomatoes instead of slicing them when you use a dull knife. This is why I prefer to use Priority Chef Knife. It stays sharp longer and is properly contoured for easy slicing.

A sharp knife gives you all the traction that you need to avoid hurting yourself. It will also reliably sink right into the food when you are slicing. You will also get more control with your blade and eventually you will be able to level up your slicing techniques just like ‘Gordon Ramsey’.

It is quite easy to maintain a sharp knife. I always use Priority Chef Diamond Coated Knife Sharpener. I find that it always gives me a bit sharper knives, which I absolutely love in the kitchen.